The "Morocco Offer" is based on a holistic, pragmatic and transparent approach that gives investors all the visibility they need;

  • Definition of the process for implementing the "Morocco Offer" and the resources to be mobilised by the State to ensure the success of this operation, as well as the roles of the various stakeholders;
  • Setting up an incentive framework and support for project sponsors to ensure the successful implementation of the "Morocco Offer";
  • Identification of 1 million hectares of land and making 300,000 hectares available to entrepreneurs in the first phase;
  • A hundred or so national and foreign investors have already expressed their keen and effective interest in the "Morocco Offer".
Pursuant to the High Royal Directives issued at the working session chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, on 22 November 2022 and the High Instructions of His Majesty, contained in the Sovereign's speech on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Throne Day on 29 July 2023, in which His Majesty the King, may God preserve him, urged the government to undertake the rapid and qualitative implementation of "Morocco's Offer" in the field of green hydrogen, "so as to make the most of the assets that our country has in this area and to respond as effectively as possible to the projects put forward by global investors in this promising sector"; the Head of Government, Mr. On Monday 11 March 2024 in Rabat, the Head of Government, Mr Aziz Akhannouch, issued the circular for the implementation of the "Morocco Offer" for the development of the green hydrogen sector, which constitutes an operational and incentive offer covering the entire value chain of the green hydrogen sector. An offering tailored to the needs of investors, to position the Kingdom as a competitive player in this high-potential emerging sector. The far-sighted vision of His Majesty the King, may God preserve him, is enabling Morocco to occupy a privileged position at continental and international level in the development of renewable energies, by leveraging the Kingdom's pioneering position in renewable energies, its rich and diversified natural resources, its strategic geographical position, its world-class infrastructure and its skilled human capital. This will enable Morocco to play a key role in the global energy transition and the resulting reconfiguration of energy flows. The Circular from the Head of Government sets out the operational stages for implementing the "Morocco Offer", the resources deployed by the State to ensure the success of this operation, and the roles of the various stakeholders. This offer is based on a holistic, pragmatic and transparent approach that gives investors all the visibility they need. It comprises 6 parts:
  • The scope of the Morocco Offer ;
  • Land mobilised to implement the Morocco Offer ;
  • The infrastructure needed to develop the green hydrogen sector;
  • Morocco Offer incentives ;
  • The process for selecting investors and entering into contracts with the State ;
  • Governance of the green hydrogen sector.
As part of this transition, green hydrogen is expected to become a crucial energy vector and one of the main catalysts for the Kingdom's energy transition and sustainable growth, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty the King, may God assist him. This emerging sector could be a turning point for the Moroccan economy, given the economic, social, environmental and technological issues it raises. In this context, the "Morocco Offer" applies to integrated upstream projects, from the generation of electricity from renewable energies and electrolysis, to the downstream transformation of green hydrogen into ammonia, methanol, synthetic fuels, etc., as well as the related logistics. The "Morocco Offer" is aimed at investors or consortia wishing to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives, for the domestic market, for export or for both. The keen interest already expressed by nearly a hundred national and international investors in producing green hydrogen in Morocco confirms our country's significant potential in this field. Land is a key issue for the development of the green hydrogen industry, and the French government has identified a significant amount of public land - around one million hectares. In the first phase, 300,000 hectares will be made available to investors, to be divided into lots of between 10,000 and 30,000 hectares, depending on the size of the projects planned. The State will work within a contractual framework to preserve public land and guarantee its proper use. The "Morocco Offer" also revolves around a competitive infrastructure that needs to be planned, pooled, developed and maintained in line with the best international standards and in line with the needs and development of the green hydrogen industry, in addition to the introduction of incentive measures and support for project developers. It should be noted that in order to ensure the conditions for the successful implementation of the "Morocco Offer", the framework investment agreements between the State and the investor provide for meeting clauses to regularly assess the progress of the investment programme, within the framework of a State-investor relationship marked by transparency and strict compliance with the rules of confidentiality.