FOLLOWING THE MEETING OF THE FOUNDING GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE GREENH2 CLUSTER HELD IN RABAT ON MARCH 18, THE FOUNDING MEMBERS GATHERED ON APRIL 5 IN PERSON AND BY VIDEOCONFERENCE TO ELECT THE EXECUTIVE BOARD THAT WILL LEAD THE CLUSTER FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS. Following the meeting of the GreenH2 Cluster's Constitutive General Assembly, held in Rabat on March 18, the founding members met today face-to-face and by videoconference to elect the executive board that will run the cluster for the next 2 years. After consultation with all the founding members, the nominees were as follows:

  • CHAIRMAN Mr Mohammed Yahya ZNIBER
  • Vice-Chairman Mr Badr IKKEN / Vice-Chairman Mr Mehdi TAZI
  • Treasurer Nawfal EL FADIL (EDF)
  • IRESEN Secretariat
  • R&D & Innovation Committee
  • Co-Chairmen Mr. Mostapha BOUSMINA (UEMF) / Mr. Abdessamad FAIK (UM6P)
  • Renewable Energy Industry Committee
  • Co-Chairmen (ENGIE) / (JOHN COCKERILL)
  • Chemical Industry Committee
  • Co-Chairmen Mr Youssef GUENNOUN (Maghreb Oxygène) / Mr Amine KAF (SNEP)
  • Project Committee
  • Co-Chairmen Mr Tarik HAMANE (MASEN) / Mr Mohammed SEBTI (NAREVA)
  • International Partnership Committee
  • Co-Chairmen Mr Said MOULINE (AMEE) / Mr Ali ZEROUALI (MASEN)
  • Energy Transport Committee
  • Co-Chairmen ONHYM / ONEE
As a reminder, the GreenH2 Cluster was created to promote the hydrogen industry in Morocco, in particular by initiating, supporting and coordinating innovative collaborative projects in the field of green hydrogen in the Kingdom of Morocco and abroad, with a view to encouraging innovation and contributing to the emergence of a competitive hydrogen industry. The main aim is to generate ideas, help set up projects, monitor and support projects and help valorize the results, as well as to strengthen the capacities of local players in the production and valorization of hydrogen, and the marketing of green molecules on both the national and international markets.